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October, 2021 Newsletter

Hello all,

It’s Fall y’all! Happy Halloween!

Ranch Happenings: The website is officially live and seems to be working really well, here is the link:

We have had lots of new visitors already so YAY! If all our NEW AND CURRENT CUSTOMERS would go to the website and set up an account, that would be really great (Current Customers your username is either your email address or first initial and last name, here is the link to reset your password: ). This will allow you to see order history, add on to your CSA, Etc. No more having to email/text/carrier pigeon your changes.

Betty’s babies are now 10 weeks old, have been weaned and moved into other pastures. We named the boar Cecil and he has moved in with Red. They seem to be getting along quite well. They nap together and run laps around their pasture. Betty moved back in with Pofey and they are doing great. The rest of Betty’s babies are in with the escape artist and company. Other than Houdini (escape artist), no one in there has been named yet.  We have found a few eggs randomly in the new hoop house which is perfectly normal for new layers. We also acquired a handsome rooster we have named Jerome to watch over these new ladies. They have accepted him and he seems to be good with them.

The alpaca and sheep are the backup guardians for the new layers. They love to sit and watch the chickens as much as we do.

We had a blast catering Poppy’s 2nd Birthday party in Beecher this past weekend, we also want to say congratulations to Jim and Amanda and thank them for allowing us to cater their Bridal Shower at the Oak Brook Polo Club. We also look forward to catering Amanda and Jim’s wedding in November!

We want to send a HUGE shout out to Jim Hanus (same Jim from above) from Interpeak Technologies ( ) for creating our website, he made it so easy and user friendly. Thank you, Jim!

Niko is still working away and getting quite the rancher/construction worker tan and Nina is officially back at school as a senior AND taking college courses at Prairie State.

We also want to say THANK YOU to:

*Madilyn (5) for all the hard work and the care she gives our animals.

*Alex (7, our nephew) for everything he does around here on a daily basis.

*Kaylin (12) and Krista (9) for all the hard work they do around here on Fridays.

*Frankie (7), Gavin (7) and Maison (4) for their keen interest in all things on the ranch.

*Karl (20) for never being able to just hang out and always being put to work around here.

You can see pictures of these kiddos and the great work that they do on Facebook and follow us, here is the link:

FARMERS MARKETS We have not been able to attend many farmer’s markets lately, with all the changes going on here but we miss them and hope to get back to it soon. We will be at the Beecher Farmers Market on Oct 23rd and will be serving Melissa’s Famous Chicken Soup and Chili for lunch.

DOG FOOD: The very short wait list is getting even shorter as we work out how much we need so if you would like to add to it let us know.

Pricing: Beef- $7.25/lb. Boar- $5.25/lb. Turkey- $5.25/lb. and soon Chicken – $5.25/lb.

Thanksgiving Turkeys: If you would like to order your Fresh Free Range Turkey for Thanksgiving, we still have a few left. Order them on the website or click on the following link

Ready! Set! Eat! Meals: can be ordered on the website and/or at the following link

Catering: We can cater your next event, just give us a call at 630-877-7718

As always, we appreciate your support so much. Eat well, stay well.

Thank you for supporting our small family ranch,

Gus, Melissa, Niko, Nina Athanasopoulos

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